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Ceiling Tile Replacement

In addition to being a health hazard, nothing makes an office or building look unkempt like stained or moldy ceiling tiles. At D&D CleanIt, we provide ceiling grid repair, ceiling tile replacement, and everything in between when it comes to your drop-ceiling tiles or acoustical ceiling needs. The professionals at D&D CleanIt are highly-trained technicians that can assist you in completing ceiling repair and replacement projects.

Our technicians are ready and willing to change out a few water-stained ceiling tiles or a few pieces of bent or rusty ceiling grid, or if needed they can handle a complete replacement of an entire ceiling grid system. We'll help you to choose the most cost-effective solution that will make your office facility look its best.

There are a variety of reasons certain types of ceilings may need work. Maybe your drop-ceiling tiles have become water damaged, or perhaps you have an acoustical issue. In addition to ceiling grid repair and maintenance, D&D CleanIt's professional installation team understands that the noise-reduction benefit of an acoustical ceiling is very important for some commercial facilities and crowded office spaces and can professionally and economically assist in this effort—avoiding costly construction to create quiet office spaces. Regardless of the ceiling issue, it is imperative to have an expert evaluate the root cause before replacing the ceiling tiles, and the professionals at D&D CleanIt can inspect and find any root problem. Our professional team will ensure that your ceiling repair or replacement is correctly completed in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Important Factors to Consider

  1. Only trust a team of highly-trained technicians that can assist you in completing ceiling repair and replacement projects.
  2. When drop-ceiling tiles have become water damaged or a building has an acoustical issue that needs sound reduction, call a professional installation team that can professionally and economically assist in this effort.
  3. When contaminants in moldy or stained ceiling tiles present a health hazard for employees and others in the office, choose a professional maintenance team that can replace and repair the ceiling tiles in an effective and timely manner.

You can keep your office environment clean and safe with ceiling tile replacement services from D&D CleanIt. With good coordination and scheduling, ceiling tile replacement doesn't have to wait for internal or external complaints. Give us a call to learn more!

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