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Ceiling Light Fixture Cleaning

Local Ceiling Light Cleaning Services

Revitalize your space with our expert Ceiling Light Fixture Cleaning Service, specializing in chandeliers and other intricate lighting designs. At D&D CleanIt, our skilled team employs advanced techniques to delicately remove dust and grime, restoring the brilliance of your ceiling lights and chandeliers. Trust us to enhance the elegance of your space with our specialized chandelier cleaning service, ensuring every crystal and detail sparkles with renewed radiance.

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Let Us Clean Those Hard To Reach Places!

Keeping your ceiling light fixtures clean is imperative to the look, feel and safety of your building. Dust and bugs can create an unhealthy environment!

Dirty Lights Are Dangerous

We don't know how they do it, but those pesky and annoying mosquitos and bugs keep getting caught in ceiling light fixtures. These insects have a special knack for getting into hard-to-reach areas, and nothing is grosser than seeing a ceiling light full of dirt and bugs. At D&D CleanIt, we know you want light fixtures that are free of bugs, dust, dirt and debris. Clean light fixtures lead to better lighting and a more sanitary office environment. We have a professional crew that is specially trained to clean out dirty ceiling light fixtures.

Aesthetics isn't the only reason to have your light fixtures cleaned out. Built up dust, dirt, and dead bugs can become breeding grounds for mites, mold, bacteria, viruses, and other pollutants, which is harmful to the building's occupants. In addition, dust and dirt can cause odors and break down surfaces, causing rust or rot to the ceiling light fixture frames and lens. Dusty or dirty ceiling lights can create poor indoor air quality, which according to the EPA is a leading environmental threat and cause of airborne sickness. At D&D CleanIt, our professional team knows that clean light fixtures are a must.

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We're your local facility maintenance professionals and take great pride in the work we do. With over a decade serving our customers, we have learned to be great problem solvers that are eager to face the next challenge. We would love the opportunity to prove our desire to please and attention to detail to you and earn your business for years to come.

Our team of highly trained and seasoned professionals will come to your facility on time with a friendly smile and a can-do attitude. We love our maintenance team and we think you will too! Now, we know we won't be on the cover of any magazines anytime soon, but we know how to get the job done and smile while doing it!

D&D CleanIt is a small, family-owned business that caters to business owners that want a service provider they know and trust.  You can call at a moment’s notice and not be troubled with reservations of "Oh, what's this going to cost me?", because we treat every one of our clients fairly and professionally. After all, that's how we started our business - practicing good old fashioned customer service like the good old days. We’re “old school” and proud of it. 

So, if you like what you're reading here, give us a call at 1-610-539-5212 or fill out the form above. Our goal is to become a trusted service provider and caretaker of your facility.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"You guys are simply the best! Your staff continues to exceed the expectations of our tenants, and guests. You are passionate about your work and it resonates through your entire organization. It is my pleasure to provide your organization with my wholehearted endorsement."

- Brett, RE/MAX Classic Real Estate

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How To Clean Ceiling Light Fixtures

​1. Dust Regularly: To maintain the cleanliness of your ceiling light fixtures, dust them regularly using a soft microfiber cloth or a gentle duster. This prevents the accumulation of dirt and ensures your fixtures stay bright and radiant.


​2. Use a Mild Cleaning Solution: For more stubborn stains or dirt, mix a mild cleaning solution using warm water and a gentle, non-abrasive cleaner. Dampen a soft cloth with the solution and carefully wipe down the fixtures, avoiding excessive moisture to protect electrical components.


3. Detach and Clean Shades or Covers: If your ceiling light fixtures have removable shades or covers, take them off periodically for a thorough cleaning. Gently wash them in warm, soapy water, rinse, and allow them to dry completely before reattaching.


4. Be Mindful of Bulbs: Turn off the power and let bulbs cool before cleaning them. Wipe the bulbs with a soft, dry cloth to remove any accumulated dust. If needed, use a slightly damp cloth, but ensure the bulbs are completely dry before turning the power back on.


5. Consider Professional Cleaning: For intricate or delicate fixtures like chandeliers, consider professional cleaning services to ensure a thorough and safe cleaning process. Professionals like D&D CleanIt have the expertise to handle fragile components and intricate designs.


6. Protect Electrical Components: When cleaning ceiling light fixtures, be cautious around electrical components. Avoid spraying cleaning solutions directly on the fixtures and ensure that any cleaning cloth or sponge is well-wrung to prevent dripping.


7. Schedule Regular Maintenance: Incorporate ceiling light fixture cleaning into your regular maintenance routine. A consistent cleaning schedule helps prevent dirt buildup and ensures your fixtures maintain their aesthetic appeal over time.


8. Use a Ladder Safely: When cleaning fixtures in high or hard-to-reach places, use a stable ladder and have someone assist you for safety. Ensure the power is turned off before attempting to clean ceiling lights in elevated positions.


9. Inspect for Damages: During cleaning, take the opportunity to inspect your fixtures for any damages or loose parts. Addressing issues promptly can prevent further damage and maintain the longevity of your ceiling light fixtures.


10. Seek Professional Help for Intricate Designs: If your ceiling light fixtures, especially chandeliers, have intricate designs that are challenging to clean, consider hiring professionals who specialize in delicate fixture cleaning to ensure a thorough and careful process.

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