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WE CLEAN! D&D CleanIt's expert team members will clean your workplace from top to bottom, making the whole office building shine. We leave no detail or surface untouched. Our professional janitorial services include day time porter services, evening cleaning services, office cleaning, restroom cleaning, breakroom and cafeteria cleaning, trash removal, dusting and damp wiping, vacuum cleaning, sweeping and mopping, spot cleaning, window cleaning, specialty cleaning, emergency cleaning, construction clean up and exterior cleaning. We can do anything you need to make your establishment spotless.


  • A CLEAN OFFICE IS A HEALTHY, PRODUCTIVE OFFICE. Workers spend around a third of their day at the office. Working in a clean environment makes people happier and more productive. A clean office looks and smells better. It also has fresher air and fewer germs. Everyone wants a clean office, just like we all want to shop at clean stores and eat at clean restaurants.

  • A CLEAN OFFICE IS SAFER AND REPRESENTS RESPECT FOR YOUR STAFF. A clean, neat office lessens the chance of slips and falls. Having clean lunchrooms and bathrooms shows your staff and customers that you care about them.

  • A CLEAN OFFICE SHOWS PRIDE IN YOUR BUSINESS AND IS PART OF YOUR CUSTOMERS' EXPERIENCE. Your office may be the first impression a customer has of your business. Make sure it's a positive one! A fresh, clean office can give you the edge over your competitors.



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