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Unfortunately, graffiti is a common problem. If you arrive in the morning to find that criminals vandalized your building with graffiti, call D&D CleanIt right away.

We can quickly, effectively and safely remove graffiti from all building surfaces—restoring the beauty of your facility's exterior. Prompt graffiti removal also helps prevent the recurrence of graffiti.

Our process begins with identifying the graffiti material, whether it be spray paint, marker, chalk or another material. Next, we determine the appropriate removal method, to ensure that we do not damage or discolor the surface. We then test a small area to ensure positive results before moving forward.

As with any project we tackle, D&D CleanIt takes all necessary precautions to ensure the health and safety of your staff and passersby while removing graffiti.

When graffiti happens, call D&D CleanIt!

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