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D&D CleanIt has the expertise to handle any job you ask us to do. From daily routine office cleaning to specialty floor and carpet care, we've got you covered. Plus, we offer the best value and come to work with a smile!


Regular, clear communication is the key to building a good relationship. We will inspect your establishment routinely to ensure our team members are performing their duties exceptionally well. D&D CleanIt will also offer recommendations about what additional work may be needed to make your facility look its best.

Have an emergency at 3:00am? We are available 24/7 for your convenience. At D&D CleanIt, we take pride in our reputation and truly care about you, our valued client.


Our highly skilled team members are hand selected. Each prospective team member first undergoes a thorough background check. We also meticulously check personal references. Once hired, each team member is trained in all aspects of the cleaning industry via our internal training program. Next, each team member is field trained and matched with a facility conducive to their individual talents and personality. All D&D CleanIt team members wear uniforms for identification as well as for office safety and security.


Ensuring your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. At D&D CleanIt, we have stringent quality controls. If any deficiency is found, we correct it on the spot. Depending on the size of your facility, we may appoint an onsite supervisor to coordinate the duties of our team and to inspect their work on a daily basis. For smaller facilities, a territory manager inspects the workplace to ensure quality. Either way, a representative of D&D CleanIt is responsible for checking on the cleanliness of your business to ensure you are getting exactly what you are paying for. Our quality control procedures ensure complete client satisfaction and are second to none.


D&D CleanIt takes building security seriously. Each and every night, lights will be turned off if required, appropriate doors will be closed and locked, and the security system will be armed. Only select team members have access to building keys and alarm codes. All D&D CleanIt team members undergo a thorough background check and wear uniforms for identification.


D&D CleanIt is a registered company in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We comply with all local, federal and state regulations. We are fully insured to protect your company's interests.


Every D&D CleanIt team member is familiarized with your office and trained regarding what to do in case of an emergency. We also provide training on new equipment and ensure every team member is well versed in the Safety Data Sheets (SDS Sheets) for cleaning chemicals. In addition, some of our clients require our team members to undergo individual training at their facility due to potentially hazardous conditions. We are happy to comply with any and all of your company's rules and regulations regarding safety. In addition, emergency contact phone numbers for our management team—that can be reached 24 hours a day—are provided to you for peace of mind.


We provide professional references with each job proposal. Our reputation is as solid as the service we provide, and our references will attest to that. We take pride in keeping our clients happy and satisfied, and it shows.


At D&D CleanIt, we will create a cleaning schedule to fit your needs. You may elect to tell us how often cleaning services are required, or we can make a recommendation. We will also suggest additional services to improve the overall appearance of your office. Our goal is to always make your workplace look its best.

We are also flexible about the times that your facility is cleaned. If you need D&D CleanIt to clean your office during working hours, we can do that. If you close at 5:00pm and want us there at 5:15pm, we can do that. If you are open until 9:30pm but don't want cleaners there until 10:30pm, that works too. We'll help make the schedule, and we'll do the staffing to get the job done. It's that easy.

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