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Tile and grout can be very porous. Routine floor cleaning (sweeping and mopping) grouted tile floors will only remove surface soil. It's common that a routine floor cleaning process over time leaves behind mop residue that becomes embedded into the tile and grout lines. This buildup of soil not only becomes visually dull and dirty looking, but can create an unsafe surface condition making it susceptible to slip and falls. To deep clean your tile and grout and remove the embedded dirt, a thorough pressure clean and extraction process with proper cleaning solutions is necessary. At D&D CleanIt, we utilize the latest and greatest in cleaning technology and equipment second to none in the industry. With our state of the art extraction equipment, we use a combination high pressure rotary tool with dual rotating jets and a high volume extraction vacuum with grout specific cleaners that remove the embedded dirt and residue from tile and grout lines. Our commercial equipment enables us to clean up to 240° Fahrenheit and up to 1,600 psi to ensure a sanitary clean. Our professional tile and grout cleaning services restore your floors to a clean, crisp, like new appearance.

Once the tile is clean, you have the option to add an impregnating water and oil stain repellent sealer which protects your tile and grout and keeps it looking clean. It also ensures that future cleanings yield the best results. The impregnating water and oil stain repellent sealer provides a transparent subsurface barrier to give water and oil repellency. This makes the surface stain resistant allowing easy clean-up for spills. It is a non-yellowing sealer that is ideal for use in both interior and exterior applications. This sealer provides durable protection without leaving a visible film, allowing the natural beauty of the stone to show. This impregnating sealer may also be uses as an exterior stucco, brick, block and stone protector for protection against graffiti. Whether it's indoors or out, applying an impregnating water and oil stain repellent sealer after a thorough deep cleaning is always a good idea.

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