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At each visit by D&D CleanIt, all trash and recyclable material is emptied and taken to the proper disposal area. In addition, trash can liners are replaced as needed, leaving a clean and orderly appearance. No dirty trash liners with gum stuck to them or coffee spilled in them will be left for the next day. If they are dirty, wet or ratty looking, they will be replaced.

We even have a special way that we train our team to tie trash can liners so they look neat and don't slip into the trash can when trash is inserted. Our clients love the special attention to detail like this that we provide each day!

But trash removal does not just end with getting the trash to the dumpster. We also ensure that your dumpster or trash area is clean and organized each night. You'll never find piles of trash outside of the dumpster or in the wrong area. Each and every team member is trained on how to dispose of waste materials properly at your facility.

At D&D CleanIt Janitorial Services, we know there is more to trash removal than just taking out the trash!

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